Raphaël Marczak


I am a PhD student currently working at The University of Waikato in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. My research subject is based on video games classification, and is related to a project funded by The Royal Society of New Zealand.

I am interested in computer science as well as music and video games, so I mainly work in the multimedia area.

Before this project, I worked at LaBRI (computer research laboratory of Bordeaux) for the VIRAGE project. I developed a software system in collaboration with scientists and artists, in the area of performing art. I also worked at LTSI (signal and image processing laboratory of Rennes) in the ACTIVE research group. My work was based on heart ultrasound and scanner images registration.

I also developed games and applications for mobile phones when I was working for BeTomorrow.


While I was working for BeTomorrow, I learned a lot about Agile methods (SCRUM) for project management, and I am still using these methods for my projects.

I am also interested in video games, notably musical video games, and I am trying to link current research works about time management and agogic modifications with musical video games.


Finally, I composed some electroacoustic pieces of music and I am fan of the ice-hockey team of Bordeaux.